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Cutomizable Sciclone® G3 Liquid Handling Workstations

Open, modular design pipetting heads

96- and 384-well plate densities

Volumes from 100 nL to 200 µL

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The Sciclone® G3 workstation can be configured to automate many automated liquid handling applications. Its open-deck design can incorporate a 96- or a 384-channel pipetting head, an optional eight-channel pipettor, and/or a bulk reagent dispenser. PerkinElmer’s “PING!” non-contact liquid level detection technology ensures that all samples are processed using vacuum or pressure filtration. Magnetic bead-based separations and a large variety of on-deck shaking, heating and cooling options are also supported with this liquid handling instrument.


  • Open, modular design pipetting heads

  • 96- and 384-well plate densities

  • Volumes from 100 nL to 200 µL

  • Independent 8-channel pipetting capability

  • Compatible with a wide variety of options including a Sciclone gripper, bulk reagent modules, an on-deck microplate shaker, temperature-controlled locators, and a positive-pressure filtration system

  • Hundreds of different possible configurations

  • PKeye™ Mobile Operations Monitor integrates multiple on-deck cameras to record any errors that occur


  • Pipetting Arms:

384-channel or 96-channel

  • Dimensions :

Width1219 mm | 48 in
Depth711 mm | 28 in

Lids, Plates & Reservoirs:

  • Universal Lid

  • PCR Plate

  • Polypropylene Low-Volume Microplate

  • Polypropylene Storage Block

  • Polypropylene Deep-Well Storage Plate

  • Polypropylene Storage Plate

  • Polypropylene Deep-Well Reservoir

Pipette Tips:

  • 80 μL

  • 100 μL

  • 150 μL

  • 200 μL

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