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Custom bait sets – Select from an organism of interest

Premade human baits – In stock and ready to ship for ancient DNA

Efficient genome-wide sequencing – Isolate genome of interest from complex samples

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全基因组富集(WGE)是指从复杂的DNA样本中捕获全基因组DNA。Arbor Biosciences的WGE探针生产技术可低成本地生产生物素化的RNA探针,代表整个核基因组。这样可从复杂环境(如环境DNA或古DNA)中大量富集基因组内源性DNA。生产定制WGE探针要求提供目标生物或者与其相近物种的高质量基因组DNA样本,即使此基因组未测序也可以定制探针。


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Figure 1. Schematic demonstrating the production and typical application of myBaits WGE kits.

Baits can be produced from any pure eukaryotic or prokaryotic genomic DNA source, for example modern elephant. Daicel Arbor Biosciences’ unique process coverts this gDNA into a pool of biotinylated RNA baits. These baits can then enrich corresponding molecules from a user-supplied NGS library, for example from an ancient mammoth, via the process of myBaits in-solution hybridization capture.

This enriched library allows for orders-of-magnitude more efficient NGS than would be possible using the full, non-enriched library.

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