• myTags Custom – Immortal and Labeled ISH Probes

    myTags Custom – Immortal and Labeled ISH Probes

    myTags Custom lineup, featuring our unique Indexed Synthesis and Labeling Service options that perfectly complement our high-quality oligo probe synthesis capabilities. The myTags Custom portfolio provides maximum flexibility for all your in-situ hybridization needs, no matter your application or project scale.

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  • myBaits Expert –Plant–Angiosperms353

    myBaits Expert –Plant–Angiosperms353

    Combining the flexible hybridization power of in-solution target capture with an expertly selected set of orthologous locus sequences, this new probe set has been demonstrated to enrich hundreds of putatively single-copy protein-coding genes across a broad range of angiosperms (flowering plants).

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  • myBaits Expert Mito

    myBaits Expert Mito

    Mitogenome sequencing is popular for phylogenetics, population genetics, species identification, barcoding, and more.

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  • myBaits Expert Whole Genome Enrichment (WGE)

    myBaits Expert Whole Genome Enrichment (WGE)

    Daicel Arbor Biosciences’WGE bait manufacturing technology can cost-effectively produce biotinylated RNA baits representative of an entire nuclear genome.

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  • myBaits Expert UCE

    myBaits Expert UCE

    Ultraconserved Elements (UCEs) are highly conserved genomic regions which are flanked by more divergent sequences.

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